Kong INU.


Kong X

Coming Soon.

Changes to Kong-INU.


Powerful Tokenomics

Kong-INU tokenomics will encourage holding onto your tokens prior to the migration to XRC20 by using Kong X transactions to increase its value.


XRC20 Migration

Kong-INU will migrate to the Kong-X Blockchain and be the first XRC20 Token on the network when the blockchain is completed in late 2023.


Kong X - Ecosystem

Kong INU will become part of the Kong X Ecosystem, A decentralised scalable blockchain. with existing ERC20 & BEP20 Compatibility.

Investor Roadmap

Phase 1

Launch on Pancake Swap

Website & Marketing

Wallet & Product Previews

100+ Investors


Phase 2

Migrate to Ethereum

Wallet & Swap (Ethereum Support)

Signals & Kong Store Launch

300+ Investors


Phase 3

Kong Signals

Kong NFT Collection

Popular CEX Listings

1000+ Holders