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Kong Store. Live.

Kong Swap & Kong Store are now live.

Kong Swap Beta - is now live!

Now Live.
Kong Swap

Out Now.
Kong Wallet

Kong Wallet is now available from the app store.

Kong INU will be featured on

Features that make Kong INU.

Powerful Tokenomics

Every Transaction of Kong Inu applies a simple 8% Tax System for all buys and sells.

4% - Marketing & Product Development
2% - Liquidity Pool
2% - Team & Brand Development

Wallet, Utilities & Swap

Kong Wallet & Kong Swap with Staking, Farming pools and many unique and new features.

Multi Chain - Wallet & Swap
Unique NFT Collection
Popular and growing CEX listings

Products & Marketing

We will be working with highly skilled marketing teams across the world. And supplements hitting stores.

AMA & Influencer Campaigns
Kong Gym Wear
Social Media Live! & Energy Drink & Supplements!

Our Roadmap

Launch on Pancake Swap

Website & Marketing

Wallet & Product Previews

200+ Holders

Phase 1

Migrate to Etheruem

Wallet & Swap (Ethereum Support)

Influencer & Kong Store Launch

500+ Holders

Phase 2

Kong Signals

Kong NFT Collection

Popular CEX Listings

1000+ Holders

Phase 3

Mobile Payment & QR Support Kong Wallet

Frequently asked questions

What is Kong Wallet?

Our own wallet app for IOS and Android Devices, Can be installed directly from the back of the can! or the app store. You can store your assets and also buy and sell tokens.

Why use Kong Wallet?

Kong Drinks & Supplements will be available worldwide with each product displaying the QR Code for promotions and download link to the app! Collect Kong Inu each time you grab a drink or supplement.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

A new way to Defi with Kong Swap

Frequently asked questions

When will Kong Swap be live?

We aim to have the foundations of kongswap running by phase 2 of our roadmap. on both ethereum and binance smart chain.

What makes it better than the others?

We will have multiple features delivering a first in the DeFi space along with Discounts, Early Token Access & Trade Indicators for Kong Inu holders.

Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

When Energy Drink?

Frequently asked questions

When will Kong Energy be available to buy?

Kong Energy has been manufactoed and samples are in the hands of the team right now! we will be delivering them to influencers in the industry and selling it directly from Kong Store soon.

Why an energy drink?

As lovers of crypto and adrenaline fuelled activities, kong energy is great for marketing and new members will be able to install kong wallet, claim rewards and buy Kong Inu directly from the QR codes on the back of the can!

Want to stock kong energy ?. Contact us.