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A safer way to defi.
Kong Wallet.

Kong Wallet is now available on google play. for use on ethereum

Hardware Safety.
Software Control.

The best of both worlds, combined into one app.

Features that make Kong Wallet.

Safety & Security

Hardware Security, Software Control

Best of both worlds

Hardware wallets are the industry standard to protect your assets in the crypto space, but they can be inconvenient if you need to quickly make a trade or transfer some funds, Kong Wallet solves this by giving you a featured software wallet, thats securely transacts via the Kong Ecosystem, one safe wallet connection - no external dapps required.

What makes it better than others on the market?

The freedom of choice on software wallets is great, but with so much choice and accessibility it can be confusing and you can easily connect your wallet to a fraudulent dex or swap. We eliminate this risk by integrating KongSwap into the wallet, you can trade, buy, sell and transfer all from within the app no external connections required.

Using Kong Wallet along side your existing wallet is a great way to keep your big assets in Kongs safe hands while still being able to use your standard wallet for those riskier connections, if you dare!

When Wallet?

Availablity and release

Kong Wallet Release

Kong Wallet  is now on google play you can download it right now for FREE!, the iOS version will follow shortly after.

Kong Swap & Kong Signals

After the wallet launches, we don't stop supporting the ecosystem we will be integrating Kong Swap & Kong Signals shortly after to give our user base a safer De-Fi trading experience.